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Whatcom County Fire District 8 applications are OPEN for Part-Paid Volunteer Firefighter 
            If you are interested in applying for a part-paid volunteer position please fill out our Volunteer Firefighter       Application. This application includes responsibilities, requirements, and information about the position.    

        Applications must include:
* photocopy of your Drivers License
* 5 year Drivers License Abstract
* Must be notarized
(Please include any Certificates that may be applicable to the position: EMT, FF1, First Aid, CPR, etc.)
Application deadline for NEW firefighters for our Fall 2016 academy is June 10th, 2016. Completed applications may be submitted to our Administrative Office, located at 1800 Broadway. 

    Whatcom County Fire District 8 is also seeking qualified applicants to fill a vacant Fire Commissioner position.

For more information on the Fire Commissioner position, please click here.

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