TaskStream Instructions in Courses of Study

Preparation for Performance Assessments is about to get easier! Beginning Thursday, November 17, the Course of Study for all Performance Assessments will include a prominent link to view each assignment and corresponding grading rubiric without ever logging into TaskStream. This means you can start each term knowing what you have to do and how it will be evaluated, focus on your Course of Study and the learning resources while you prepare for the assessments, and wait to request access to TaskStream until you are ready to begin submitting assignments.

Accessing TaskStream Instructions in Courses of Study
When you view your Course of Study for Performance Assessments (Language and Communication: Essay Writing, LAE1 in the example below), you will always see a link in the left navigation labeled "Assessment Preparation."  Click this link to view the task instructions and rubric from TaskStream.

You are directed to the Overview for this assessment.  You can view the general instructions, APA Guidelines, and similar information from this first screen.  Select the link for your assessment in the right section of the title navigation (in this example, "Language and Communication."

From this assessment description section, you can view the task directions (shown in the example below under LAE Task 1) and the rubric that is used to evaluate submissions for this task (under Evaluation Method).  You can use these links to review the requirements for the task and the evaluation criteria.  To submit work for evaluation, you will still need to use TaskStream directly. For assessments in which you are enrolled, select Begin Now from your degree plan to have the tasks added to your TaskStream account.  The first time you work on a performance assessment, you will configure your username and password for access to the submission tool.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions regarding accessing TaskStream instructions within Courses of Study please work with your mentor. In addition, Student Services is more than willing to give you a hand. You may email them at Or, if you'd rather have a friendly voice to speak with, call toll free at (866) 903-0110.  Student Services is available from 6am to 12am Mountain Time Monday-Friday, 10am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday.