WGU Preclinical Experience Orientation

The Preclinical Experience Orientation comes at an exciting time in your program.  You are beginning your field application to begin you Preclinical Classroom Experience (PCE) and Demonstration Teaching (DT). The information provided in this seminar is organized to give you practical information about the professional expectations in the field. This seminar is hosted by the WGU Field Experience Team.  

The modules below are a requirement for the PCE portion of your application. It is important to view the modules in the correct numerical order. You will document your engagement in these seminars by completing a verification survey at the end of the Module 4 presentation. You and your mentor will receive a copy of your verification of participation via email. After you have listened to each module and completed the required survey, this requirement will be documented as complete in your Field Experience Portal. 
There are Four Modules in the Preclinical Orientation    
                                        Module 1:  PCE Application and Professional Practice
                                        Module 2:  Ethics, Professional Behaviors & Dispositions
                                        Module 3:  Classroom Management & Student Engagement
                                        Module 4:  Planning Student Learning

The Field Experience Team and all of us at WGU wish you every success as you continue your studies and prepare for your DT cohort and beyond! 

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