Food Service

Kris Smith • Food Services Manager - My name is Kris Smith, I have 2 children one has graduated from West Grand High School and one more to go in a couple of years. I have been with the school district for going on 11 yrs and have lived in Kremmling my entire life.

Darcee Biekert • Cafeteria Helper

Hi! My name is Darcee Biekert. I have lived in Grand County for 21 years. I grew up over in Eagle Valley. My husband manages a ranch over on the Trough Road where we have lived for 21 years. We have 3 wonderful kids, Dane, Lela and Ben Biekert. All 3 are in the 6th grade here at West Grand. We love the outdoors. We love fishing, riding horses, hiking, gardening and most anything that keeps us out of the house. We love living in Grand County. The small community helps you get to know your neighbors and we love that. This is my first year working in the school district and I am loving it. Thanks for letting me be a part of the team!


Judy Claxton • Cafeteria Helper

 My name is Judy Claxton. I was born in Rigby, Idaho and raised in a little town called Ririe, Idaho. I have 4 older brothers and I'm the only girl, so I had my dad wrapped around my little finger. As I was growing up in Ririe I went to Elementary School and graduated from Ririe High School. After high school I attended one year at Idaho Vo-Tech School. While I was in school I didn't play sports, but I did play volleyball and softball for our church. I also played city league softball for 2 years and that was a lot of fun.

I especially enjoyed going fishing and hunting with my dad. Especially, when he wold take me out of school for the day to go with him. I lost my dad at the age of 13, so my older brothers would take me hunting, but they wouldn't take me out of school to go. As a family we would go camping and fishing together.

                                                                                        I met my husband while working a a potato warehouse in 1988. We got married in August of that year. Shortly after that work took us to California. My husband work for a rock crushing plant and I drove forklift at a cold storage facility. During this time we had two beautiful children Kaitlin and Troy. Kaitlin has completed high school and Troy is a senior this year.

In 2007 we moved to Challis, Idaho for work. My husband worked at Thompson Creek Mine, and I worked for the Challis School District working in the kitchen at the Elementary School. I started out as a substitute for the first two and half years. Then in 2010 I started working full time. I loved working there and talking to the children and having the 4th through 6th grade kids helping serve the food. Sometimes it was a challenge with the younger group.

Challis is a lot like here, with the mountains and they valleys with the rivers running through them. The people here are nice like back home. During this time besides working at the school, my kids did 4-H, they did market steer and horse. Later I became an assistant 4-H leader. We had six horses that we had to sell when we moved here for work. I really miss living out in the country and all our animals.                                                                                       

Ms. Lechman • Cafeteria Helper

Hello, I am part time cafeteria help and this is my 3rd year with  WGSD. I have 3 children in elementary school- 1st ,3rd, and 5th grade. My husband, Shawn, works at Freeport McMoran and we have been married for 13 years. I love Gardening, horseback riding, camping, hunting and fishing. I am a native of Kremmling and love the community and everything it offers a family! I love my job because I get to see the kids for Breakfast and lunch!