Welcome to WellGC

As part of Wellington Girls' College Wellness focus, this site has been established
to support our students, staff and parents. This site is a work in progress and we will continue to add useful links and resources. 

We all know that you can’t concentrate on work if you aren’t well. That applies to students as well as adults.
In recent years we have seen an increase in medical conditions which are impacting on student wellness. The most significant of these are in the area of mental health - something most teachers have little knowledge of and no training in. We know that one student with a serious illness will have an impact on many other people - her family, friends, her classmates, her teachers and other people on the periphery who may not know her but may have been through something similar in their lives.
Over the course of 2013-14 we gathered information from parents and girls about the causes of the stress that was being seen at school and also their ideas about how we could address it. We have made several changes as a result of this information.
This site is one of those changes. You asked for resources and articles to help you understand and learn about wellness  issues. We have started collecting. We take no responsibility for the information contained in them - we believe they are sound and we know they have been used in other educational settings, but if you have specific concerns we’d always recommend that you consult your GP or another health professional.
If you find articles you think others would benefit from, please send them to us. We know it will take more than this to make all our girls well but if we help educate more people about the issues that will help.

Julia Davidson