Accessing Google Apps

How do I log in to Google Apps?

  1. Go to http://google.wfu.edu
  2. Log in with your existing user name and password. 

Can I open my email or calendar in a new tab (not a new window)?

Yes.  By default Firefox and Chrome open links in a new tab.  If you want to open Google Mail or Calendar in a new tab in Internet Explorer instead of a new window, change your settings.  Go to Tools >Internet Options>Tabs>Settings, and click Let Internet Explorer choose how to open pop-ups.  

Can I access Google Apps offline?

Yes. If you need to use Google Apps in offline mode, please contact the Service Desk. They will assist you in determining the best method of offline access. 

Note: Offline mode in the WFU Google web client is not compatible with multiple sign in or e-mail delegation.

Do I need to use the VPN to access Google Apps when I'm offsite?

No. Simply visit http://google.wfu.edu from any supported web browser, anywhere, to access your email and calendar.

Requirements and Language Support

Which web browsers can I use with Google Apps?

Google Apps supports the following other browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 7+ 
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ 
  • Apple Safari 3.0 (Not supported by the Service Desk)

Are there any other system requirements?

No. Because Google Apps runs in a web browser, you just need to use a supported browser.

What languages does Google Apps support?

The interface for both Google Apps Email and Google Calendar are available in over 50 languages. For a list of the available languages and instructions on how to set a different language, refer to the Gmail Help Center.

WFU Google Apps Security

What is Google's security policy?

Please visit this page to learn more about Google security.


How can I backup or migrate my data out from Google Apps?

Please visit this page to learn more about Google's recommendations for migrating data from Google.

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