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Steve Gunkel, Ph.D

Dr. Steve Gunkel
Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Sociology
Wake Forest University
1834 Wake Forest Road
001A Kirby Hall
Winston-Salem, NC 27109-7808
Fall 2014 Class Schedule:

SOC272 Research Methods MW 12:30-1:45
SOC340 Corrections TR 12:30-1:45
SOC352 White-Collar Crime TR 9:30-10:45

Office: 001A Kirby Hall
Spring 2014 Office Hours: M 2-3; TR 2-3 and by appointment.

Office Phone: 758-5466      Email:
Department Phone: 758-5495    Department Fax: 758-1988


Steven Gunkel,
Jan 12, 2014, 8:18 AM