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Sakai Policies

Revised 2/24/2014 (Please also see the WFU Sakai FAQ)

Use of Sakai - Sakai is intended to support the mission of the University and should be used in accordance with the "Policy on Responsible and Ethical Use of Computing Resources" (     

Retention of Project Sites - Project sites will be reviewed annually in June.  Project sites with one  year of inactivity will be unpublished by having their Site Status changed to Draft mode. Such sites will be retained for an additional 18 months at which point, unless the site contact has requested re-publication, the site and all its content will be deleted. The site contact will be notified of each change.

Retention of Course Sites -  Course sites are retained indefinitely.  Instructors continue to have access to any course site they have created.  Students have access to all  previous course sites that remain published.  Consult the IS Knowledge Base for information on arranging or hiding Sakai Sites using the preferences link found in My Workspace.

Guest Accounts - [Revised 12/20/2014] -Site maintainers may create guest accounts in Sakai by adding Non-official Participants to a site.  Guest accounts in Sakai will be reviewed at the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters by the LMS and IS Security Teams.   The Sakai Application Administrator will produce a report of guest accounts that have not been used within the previous six months.  If a guest account is more than 6 months since its last login and the creator is no longer at WFU, the guest account will be removed without notice. If a guest account is more than 6 months since its last login and the creator is with WFU, an email will be sent to the account creator indicating that the account will be removed in 10 days.  The guest account will be removed if the account creator does not indicate the guest account is still needed and the guest account has not been logged into within those 10 days. (This is more in alignment with how IS handles guest WFU accounts.  The sponsor of the account is contacted for renewal.)

Use of Sakai by External Organizations - External organizations may request Sakai project sites that are related to the academic mission of the university, including research, or functions that will support a university sponsored program or community initiative. Requests should be submitted to the Bridge and  will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Bridge will perform worksite setups as well as follow up with the LMS Team Lead concerning these requests.

Sakai Worksite Quota - The quota for worksites, both project and course sites, is set at 1 GB per site. The quota for the My Workspace area  is set at  2 GB. Users can request an increase in quota by contacting the Bridge and the Bridge will perform the requested change. For all quota requests exceeding two times the standard allocation, the Bridge will contact the LMS Team Lead for approval.

Worksites for Student Groups - Students do not have the ability to create project sites in Sakai. Students may request a  project site with sponsorship from an administrator, staff or faculty member. Requests for such sites should be made to the Bridge by the sponsor.

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