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Campus Wireless Networks

What do each of our wireless networks offer?

  • WFUwireless provides unrestricted bandwidth to campus and Internet services and should be used by faculty, staff and students

  • eduroam provides a secured WiFi network service that allows visiting students, faculty and staff to use their home institution's WiFi credentials to access WiFi network services. Our faculty, staff and students can take advantage of this service by using their Wake Forest credentials when visiting other eduroam participating institutions

  • WFUguest provides an open wireless network for our campus guests who want quick and easy access to the Internet. WFUguest does not require a sponsor or a password. This option is not intended for use by our faculty, staff and students because access to internal campus network resources is restricted and moderate bandwidth limitations are in place for this network. Note that WFUguest is not available in the following locations:

    • LJVM Coliseum
    • Bridger Field House
    • Deacon Tower (BB&T Field)
    • Tennis Center
    • Brookstown Inn
  • WFUmydevices provides access to the campus network and unlimited bandwidth. WFUmydevices should be used for:

    • Users who have registered devices through the mydevices portal

    • Visitors who require access to on-campus resources and have been registered using the netguest portal.