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In early January of 2013, the campus cable television network was updated. A side effect of this is that many televisions may lose their synchronization with channels and show static or a blank screen.  Normal television broadcasts will not be visible. If your television loses synchronization with the cable television channels, it is not a serious problem as this page contains several easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for restoring the connection between your television and the campus television cable network.

The process of synchronizing a television and cable channels has some slight differences across various television brands. Because of this, we have listed below the steps for re-synchronizing a model of the top six television brands. Be aware that the scanning process can take anywhere from 10 - 50 minutes depending on the model television. For additional help, the bottom of the page contains links to several videos which show these processes in action.

To learn more about HDTV and recording of channels, visit the HDTV Frequently Asked Questions webpage.


      • Press the [Menu] button on your remote, or TV
      • A small menu will appear on the screen, select the [Settings] option
      • A larger menu will now appear. Scroll down on the left hand side of the menu and select [Setup Menu.]
      • Now you will be on the right side of the menu, scroll down and select [Initial Setup]
      • Click [Enter]
      • Select your language
      • Select [Home] for the TV’s use.
      • Select [Ok]


      • Press [Menu]
      • Scroll down until you get to the [Setup] tab (the video says it will look like a wrench) and press [OK]
      • Scroll down to [ANT/Cable setup] and press [OK] again
      • Here you will choose between Antenna or cable by clicking the right arrow. Switch the icoc so that next to [ANT in] you see [Cable]
      • Scroll down to [Auto program] and press [OK]
      • Select [All Channels] and press [OK]


      • Press [Menu] on the remote and select [TV Settings]
      • At the top of the [TV Settings] menu, make sure the Input Source is [TV]
      • Select [Tuner Settings] and ensure that [Cable] is selected for Tuner Mode.
      • Choose [Auto Channel Scan]
      • Let the process run until it says it is complete.


      • Press [Menu]
      • Press [Channel] (it almost universally for LG shows a satellite dish as a picture)
      • Auto Tuning will be the first option you see. Hit [Enter] followed by [OK.]
      • It will start by scanning for Antenna. Click [Next(TV)] to skip this and start the scan for Cable.
      • Let the process run its course.


      • Press [Menu]
      • Scroll to [Initial Setup] and press [Enter]
      • Scroll to [Broadcast Settings] and press [Enter]
      • Select [Channel Setup]
      • Highlight [Air/Cable] and press [Enter]
      • Select the [Cable] option.
      • Select [CH Search]
      • Select [Start]


      • Press [Menu]
      • Select [Setup]
      • Select [Search for channels]
        • There is a chance it will prompt you to create a child lock. Do this by going to [Setup] > [Channel Settings] > [Child Lock]
      • Select [Re-install channels] 
      • Select the country your located in.
      • Select [Cable (DVB-C)]
      • If prompted, select [Full] scan.


  • Press the INPUT button on the remote control repeatedly until ANT/CABLE is selected.
  • Press the MENU button on the remote control.
  • Using the Arrow buttons, select the icon in the top menu associated with SETUP, this is the icon furthest on the Right that looks like a gear.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select and highlight INSTALLATION and press ENTER.
  • Select the icon in the top menu associated with TERRESTRIAL, this is the icon furthest on the Left that looks like an antenna.
  • Select and highlight INPUT CONFIGURATION and press ENTER.
  • Using the left/right arrow buttons, select Antenna or Cable as desired, then select DONE.
  • Press the CH RTN button to go back to the TERRESTRIAL menu.
  • Select CHANNEL PROGRAM and press ENTER.
  • Select START SCAN to begin the Channel Program. Progress will be shown on the screen.


  • Using the remote, press "TV Menu", then press ◄ or ► to highlight the "Channel" icon. The "Channel" menu appears.
  • Using the remote, press ▼ to access the "Channel" menu.
  • Using the remote, press ▲ or ▼ to highlight "Auto Channel Search", then press ◄ or ►. The "Auto Search" menu opens.
  • Using the remote, press ▲ or ▼ to highlight "Cable".
  • Using the remote, press "OK/ENTER" to start scanning. Your TV/DVD combo scans for channels and stores the channel information in the channels list. When the scan is complete, your TV/DVD combo tunes to the first channel in the channel list.

Additional helpful videos can be found by clicking on the manufacturer in question (Videos not available for Sharp and Philips)





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