University Corporate Center - Travel

There are two options for traveling to the Wake Forest University Corporate Center located on Reynolds Boulevard.  The preferred option is the Gray Line shuttle service. 

Option 1: Via The Gray Line Shuttle

You can ride the Wake Forest University Gray Line for free! The shuttle picks up at the Leighton Tennis Stadium on campus and drops off at the front entrance of the University Corporate Center.  The Information Systems Learning classrooms are just steps away from the front entrance. Review the Gray Line shuttle schedule.  

Option 2: Via Automobile

You can drive to the University Corporate Center (UCC).  If you drive a vehicle to the Corporate Center, you may park in Lot A located behind the building and indicated by signage for Wake Forest employees. If there are no available spaces in Lot A, you may park in the lower lots toward Deacon Boulevard. After parking, you need to enter through lobby B or C on what is known as the concourse level.  Lot A and lobby C are located on the back side of the Center at the end of the building marked with the ‘WF’ logo.