ThinkPad Program

Wake Forest University ThinkPad Program

The goal of the technology initiative at Wake Forest University is to enhance the educational experience by creating an environment where all students have access to the technology resources that will strengthen their learning experience and equip them for their future. Using the technology resources available at Wake Forest, students can communicate more frequently and efficiently with professors and classmates, engage more fully in class activities and access worldwide databases with ease, allowing them to acquire competence in technologies that are relevant in every aspect of their lives.

The ThinkPad is the tool that ‘levels the playing field’ for technology at the University. The ThinkPad model and its software load are standardized for each class. Providing all students and faculty with high quality standardized technologies fosters an environment where the focus is on teaching and learning. Time is focused on leveraging the tool, not learning how to use it or set it up. The ThinkPad is personalized for each individual. Upon the initial sign-on to the computer, the ThinkPad recognizes its user and seamlessly connects to campus resources.

Each year, the Committee on Information Technology, in conjunction with the academic departments, determines the model and ‘load’ of software and applications. The software load is configured to easily integrate with the campus network and the University’s standard classroom presentation tools. This software load prepared by Wake Forest professionals for academic use represents Lenovo’s largest and most comprehensive collection available on ThinkPads today.

The Information Systems Service Desk supports technology services for the Undergraduate College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. In addition to the IS Service Desk, the Information Technologists and the Resident Technology Advisors provide superior computing support on the campus. A ThinkPad loaner program is available to help users when the computer must be kept for an extended period of time for repair. New ThinkPads are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of three years from the date of purchase by the University. In all that we do, we strive to provide users with the best support possible.

For students entering Wake Forest in the summer of 2009 or later 
Upon entering Wake Forest in the summer of 2009 or later, new and transfer students are issued a Lenovo ThinkPad. In the beginning of their third year, the student will exchange the ThinkPad for a new model. Lenovo ThinkPads that are assigned to Wake Forest University students remain the property of the University. Upon graduation, the student will have the option to purchase the ThinkPad or return it to the University in good working condition. Students exercising the purchase option will be advised of specific applications that will be required to be removed from the computer due to software licensing agreements.

For students that entered Wake Forest prior to the summer of 2009
Upon entering Wake Forest prior to the summer of 2009, new and transfer students received a Wake Forest University owned Lenovo ThinkPad. In the beginning of their third year, the student will exchange the ThinkPad for a new model. The newly issued computer remains the property of Wake Forest University until the student graduates. Upon graduation, ownership of the computer and printer transfers to the graduating student, together with support and maintenance responsibilities. Students will be advised of specific applications that will be required to be removed from the computer due to software licensing agreements.
Kriss Dinkins,
Dec 12, 2012, 2:18 PM