Class of 2018-Lenovo ThinkPad Protection

Wake Forest offers an optional ThinkPad Protection for the X1 Carbon and Yoga ThinkPad convertible ultrabook to cover accidental spills, drops or other damage. The ThinkPad Protection Plan costs $129 and will be billed to your student account.  It covers the ThinkPad for a four year period of coverage that ends in June 2018.  Without the protection, students will pay up to a $500 deductible per incident for damages to the computer. Students who purchased protection last year saved a collective total of over $170,000!

Members of the Class of 2018 can purchase the ThinkPad Protection Plan when you pick up the ThinkPad or online in WIN. The ThinkPad Protection Plan is available for purchase until 11:59 p.m. on the day you receive the ThinkPad.

ThinkPad Protection Plan FAQs

What parts does the ThinkPad Protection Plan cover?
The standard Wake Forest ThinkPad hardware, including the hard drive, keyboard, trackpoint and track pad, and LCD screen.

What types of damage does it cover?
ThinkPad Protection Plan covers the most common damages we see to ThinkPads on our campus: damage from accidental liquid spills; damaged or cracked LCD screens from accidental drops or bumps; and other operational failure of the components listed above caused by other unintentional incidents such as electrical surges.

What types of damage are NOT covered by the 
ThinkPad Protection Plan
ThinkPad theft, loss or damage from fire, flood or other natural disasters; damage caused by intentional misuse or use in an unsuitable operating environment such as a microwave or pool (yes, it does happen). The ThinkPad Protection Plan also does not cover ThinkPad damage caused or inflicted by another person, such as a roommate, while the ThinkPad is not in your possession.

What is the cost of the
ThinkPad Protection Plan?
The cost is $129, and the fee will be charged to your student account. Please do not send a check to the University. If you purchase the ThinkPad Protection Plan and experience a cracked screen, broken trackpoint or other covered damage listed above, you pay nothing to have the ThinkPad repaired. Without the additional protection, repairs must meet the deductible before the ThinkPad Protection Plan makes payment, and you are responsible for the deductible payment.

How do I purchase the 
ThinkPad Protection Plan?
You can purchase the ThinkPad Protection Plan in person when you pick up your computer, or online in WIN. Follow these instructions for purchasing the ThinkPad Protection Plan online:

1. Log in to WIN.
2. Select the Personal tab in the upper right part of the WIN screen.
3. Select "WFU Agreements” under the WFU Agreements heading.
4. Under Category, select “Information Systems’ Digital Agreements.”
5. Under Agreement, choose
Class of 2018 ThinkPad Protection Agreement.

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