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Apple Support and Purchase

Information Systems supports Apple devices that are owned by Wake Forest University, as well as personal Apple devices. We are an Apple Authorized Service Provided (AASP). Apple devices and accessories/peripherals are available for purchase through Deacon Depot. Deacon Depot is for business transactions only (requires departmental budget code for purchases). Personal purchases of Apple products may be made at the Wake Forest Apple Online Store.


What are the standard Apple devices that are supported?

  • As an Authorized Apple Service Provider, we can provide support for Apple laptops, Minis, and Desktops.

What type of hardware support is provided?

  • Any device that can be repaired in the field by (AASP) Authorized Apple Service Provider can be repaired at Wake Forest.

  • Warranty repairs can be done by the Tech Shop. Other repairs may need to be sent to Apple.

  • Warranty status or Apple Care coverage can be viewed at this link.

What type of software support is provided?

    • The Bridge provides basic software troubleshooting and configuration support.  Common questions include wireless connectivity, printer setup and email client configuration.

    Who is eligible for hardware/software support at Wake Forest?

    • Any member of the Wake Forest community or family members. The person with a WFU email address will be the point of contact.

    What is the process for the standard Apple warranty repair?

    • Apple does not allow an Apple Authorized Service Provider to make a repair with stock parts, therefore the process is as follows: 

      • A claim must be placed for each specific part needed for a repair.  
      • In most cases the part will arrive the next day. 
      • The replacement part is then installed and tested. 
      • The failed part must be returned in most warranty repairs. 
      • The serial number of the replacement part is then stored in the Apple database for the unit for which it was requested.

    What do typical repairs/fixes cost for non warranty?

    • The Tech Shop will provide an estimate for parts and labor prior to making the repair for customer approval.

    • The labor rate is $90 per hour and is the responsibility of the user.

    • The user will be responsible for the cost of the parts.

    • Most Apple hardware/software repairs can be made in 30 to 60 minutes.

    Can I bring my personal Apple device to The Bridge for support?

    • Yes, for the supported devices noted above.

    • Some phone repairs as well as any damage protection coverage are best serviced by the wireless carrier/service provider.

    Are there loaner devices available if I have to leave my device for support?

    • We do not have loaners for Apple products at this time.

    How do I pay for the repair costs?

    • Faculty, staff, and some student groups must use an approved departmental budget code. 

    • Students will have a charge placed against their student account if not using a departmental budget code.

    What if I have damage protection coverage through my service provider?

    • The service provider is the best point of contact for information on damage protection coverage.

    Who do I contact to get support?

    Purchase Apple Devices, Accessories/Peripherals, Apps

    Where can I purchase Apple Products?

    WFU Purchases utilizing WFU funds:

    Hardware & Software 

    Go to Deacon Depot.

    • Login to Deacon Depot.
    • From the Home Page, click on the Apple sticker under “Punch-Out Suppliers”. (The punch-out will open in a new window so popup-blocker will need to allow content.)
    • Once in the Apple catalog, shop for items, customize products, and add items to your cart. If your items are on a pre-loaded quote, search for quotes and click on the quote number to add the products to your cart.
    • Click “Send Proposal”.
    • Click “Submit” to return to Deacon Depot to complete your cart and place your order.  
    • When your item arrives, create the receipt in Deacon Depot. Apple will send the invoice directly to
    • NOTE: Apple does not accept returns.  Only mis-shipments or damaged goods are returnable.
    For large orders and bulk purchases, contact:
    • Procurement Services, 336.758.UBuy (8289)

    For other customized quotes

    • contact our Apple representative to request a quote be loaded into the Deacon Depot Apple catalog: Mike Garcia,


    Personal Purchases utilizing personal funds: 

    • Apple Personal Purchases are available to Wake Forest Employees, Friends and Family through the Wake Forest Apple Online Store.
    • Payment for personal purchases will be via personal credit card at time of order placement.

    Who can purchase Apple products through Deacon Depot?

    • Anyone with a email address can submit a cart in Deacon Depot.

    How do I pay for purchases through Deacon Depot?

    • Deacon Depot purchases are paid by Accounts Payable after matching your Deacon Depot receipt with the Apple invoice.

    Do you have additional questions?

    • For more information contact the Information Systems Service Desk (The Bridge) at or 336-758-4357.