Telecommunications Services

Welcome to the telecommunications home page! We are here to assist you with any telecom needs you may have.  Log into ResolveIT to submit your request for Telecom Support, if you cannot find an appropriate solution, contact the IS-Service Desk at x4357.

Telephone Services available for Faculty/Staff
  • Telephone moves, adds and changes
  • Voicemail PIN or Account reset
  • Add Unified Messaging
  • Teleconference speaker phone rental
  • Telephone billing reports

Telephone Basics

Campus Calls: Dial the last four digits of the number from any campus phone to reach another campus extension.

Local Calls off Campus: Dial 9 + area code + 7-digit number

Long Distance Domestic Calls: Dial 9+ 1 + area code + 7-digit number

Long Distance International Calls: Dial 9 + 011+ Country Code + City Code + number

Voicemail Basics

Log On: Dial x4400, enter your PIN followed by #.

Log Off: Press * and then hang up.

Play Messages: Log on, press 1 to listen to new messages, press 31 to listen to saved messages.

Delete Message: Press 3 to delete a message.

Record Greeting: Log on, press 41, press 3 to choose which greeting to update and follow the prompts.

Record Spoken Name: Log on, press 432 and follow the prompts.

Compose Message: Log on, press 2, record message, press #, enter recipient mailbox number, press # twice to send message.

Forward Message: Log on, listen to message, press 5, record introduction, press #, enter recipient’s mailbox number, and press #twice to send.

Reply to Message: Log on, listen to message, press 4, record your reply and press # twice.                                         

Call Sender: Log on, listen to message, press 44.

Select Full or Brief Messages: Log on, press 423 and follow prompts.

Switch to Voice Commands: Log on, press 9 and follow prompts.

Change Password: Log on, press 431 and follow the prompts.

Express Message: Dial x4444 from any campus phone or dial (336) 758-4444 from off campus, after the hearing the greeting enter the 4-digit extension followed by "#2" to leave your message. 

Telephone User Guides (Click on the image below)

Nortel M3904

 Nortel M3904    
 Cisco IP 3905    
 Cisco IP 8845    

Telephone Service Request Instructions

Follow the instructions below to access the Telecom Service Request form for telephone moves, adds and changes.
  1. Click on the ResolveIT button in the left hand column of this page and log in with your WFU username and password
  2. Click on the icon for Telephone and Voicemail
  3. Click on Telecom Service Request
  4. Click "Request Now", complete the form and submit