Assistant Professor of Psychology
Wake Forest University

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I received my Ph.D. in positive and social/personality psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in October 2010. I'm broadly interested in questions related to moral psychology, growth following adversity and the study of well-being. My interest in the scientific study of character has its origins in my undergraduate research, which explored moral behavior from the perspective of ecological psychology. My other research interests include thinking about adversarial growth in terms of permanent positive personality change, well-being and post-traumatic growth among war-affected populations in Rwanda and Sri Lanka, and the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of positive psychology. 
Trained in both psychology and moral philosophy, I graduated with summa cum laude honors from Franklin & Marshall College in 2005, and was awarded the Henry S. Williamson Medal, the college's highest student award presented annually to the outstanding senior of the graduating class. My awards include grants from the John Templeton Foundation, the Asia Foundation/ USAID, the Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism, and the Positive Psychology Center of the University of Pennsylvania; a Mellon Refugee Initiative Fund Fellowship, and numerous academic awards from Franklin & Marshall College.

Here's a video of me discussing well-being at the 2014 NAIS Well-Being Summit

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