Get NC License

CLOSED FALL 2021 due to COVID.

Our number of students is too low to cover all expenses associated with keeping our vehicles in excellent safe condition that we require.

If you are interested in using your own vehicle, please contact with a request to schedule a special session. We can offer a detailed walkthrough of the test course for the Silas Creek Parkway DMV. This generally takes about 2 hours.

Students must be over 18 years of age.

Step 1

Get a Learner's Permit. Click here for more information: Learner's Permit

Step 2

Fill out the safety and liability waiver:

Step 3

Sign up for Driving Lessons via Google Appointment Slots. See "Driving Lessons" Page.

Step 4

Schedule an appointment for a road test.

See instructions here.

Step 5

Get Liability Insurance (for the Road Test).

See our FAQ, Section: Insurance

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