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Spring Semester


To be considered for enrollment for any level, email the prospective student's full name, 

birth date including year, and details of previous ballet instruction to lavis@wfu.edu.

Students returning from the Fall semester are not required to complete a new registration form unless contact information has changed. All students will return to the same level as the Fall semester unless notified by the instructor.

Weather during the Spring semester often requires cancellation of classes.
Closings will be posted on the Home page of this site. 
For additional information, please read the Class Cancellation Policy page.

January 16: first day of classes (Levels Five, Three, One)
January 18: first day of classes (Levels Four, Two)
January 20: first day of classes (Levels Six, Two, One)
                        Tuition is due first day of class attended.

March 6, 8, 10: classes cancelled for WFU spring break

March 31, April 3, April 5: classes cancelled for W-S/FCSchools Spring Break
NOTE: Classes will meet on Saturday, April 7

April 26-29:  Wake Forest Dance Company concert in Tedford Mainstage Theatre; tickets available at Box Office or online at college.wfu.edu/theatre
Spring Demonstration - We have changed the format of the Spring Demonstration. Each class will perform in the big dance studio on the last day of class rather than on the stage. Seating is limited to immediate family.

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