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Class Cancellation Policy

We sometimes have to cancel class due to weather.  Cancelled classes will not be made up.

Here are the closing notification procedures:
1) We follow the school closings of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools on weekdays.  If they are closed, we are closed - no matter what the conditions. We do this to be consistent and to safeguard our children, especially the ones who are old enough to drive themselves to class.

2) A message will be posted on our website at least one hour before class would begin, please bookmark this link  https://sites.google.com/a/wfu.edu/communityballet/

3) A voicemail message will be added to the mailbox at 336-758-4108, at least one hour before class would begin.

4) An email message will be sent to everyone on our listserv at least one hour before class would begin. NOTE: Please make sure we have the current address of everyone who needs this information.

If you call 336-758-4108 and the voice message does not specifically say that Community Ballet classes are canceled AND it is within the hour before start of class, then you can assume that we are open. If you check messages before the one hour time frame, you may need to check back to verify that we are open.

Some of our students come from outside the county where conditions may be very different from what we are experiencing here. We rely on your judgment as to whether or not it is safe for you and/or your child to drive to Winston-Salem when we are open.

Safety of your children is always our number one priority.