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Julia Hannibal—School Media Specialist at WFMS:




1. Awarded NYSCATE Grant in the amount of $2,000 to purchase Raspberry Pi computers

2. Awarded 2016 Media Flex OPALS/SSLMA Technology Grant a $500 grant – ( Suffolk School Library Media Association)

She will be using this money to purchase things for our Computer Science Coding Club—I think it is newsworthy but you can judge for yourself. 


Wednesday's 2:30-3:23- We will meet MONTHLY


After School Code Club 2017-18     Join our club today! 
We Meet Monday's  2:30-4:45 pm &  Wednesday's 2:30-3:23
You will learn to program dragons to blow fire!

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Learn how to type Learn how to write your name in cursive/script

  1. Directions: Enter first name and last name on left side, 
  2. Step 1 - Be sure to capitalize
  3.  Choose letter Size 1 
  4. Choose paper layout - Landscape 
  5. Repeat Number - 1 Format 2nd Word - Show Word

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BUD NOT BUDDY Research Assignment 2017

Mrs Gillan's 7th Grade Science Class: Renewable and non-renewable energy sources

Ms. Maxwell's 7th Grade Science ClassPotential energy is stored energy, or energy of position. Kinetic energy is energy of motion. A book that has been lifted from the floor and placed on a table has stored potential energy due to gravity. A falling book, however, has kinetic energy, and the force of its impact with the ground will release energy. Likewise, the first hill of a rollercoaster should be the highest, so that the most potential energy is stored before the ride drops and potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. A battery has chemical potential energy, and its chemical energy is stored until it is connected to a circuit, where its chemical energy can be changed to electrical energy. Maglev Trains Click on Maglev and answer the work sheet