Welcome to Mrs. Olson's 7th grade Home and Careers site.......................

The Home and Career Skills course is designed to empower students to live in a society of constant change and to improve their quality of life by preparing them to meet their present and future responsibilities as family members, community members, consumers, home managers, and wage earners.

Accept themselves as they are without criticism and yet have the desire to improve.
Take healthy risks. 
Set goals and work toward them .
Know their strengths and use them. 
Look at the positive side of life. 
See opportunities and challenges rather than obstacles. 
Do not dwell on the failure-they see only lessons learned. 
Know how to play-socialize fairly. 
Realize that respect must be earned...............................

Success comes from within. It flows from your acceptance of and comfort in yourself.
Belief and confidence in yourself is the single most important element of learning and life.
Students with high self-esteem achieve with integrity.  What you believe about yourself, you can achieve.

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