Favorite Websites:

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Our Favorite Websites:
          BookFLIX is a great website that will read popular books to the children.                                                             It is one of our favorite sites.

User Name: wfsd
Password: wfsd



                                                         Brain Pop Jr. is a great place to visit when we              

                                                         want factual information. The website provides the information in an easy to

                                                         understand format.  


                                                         For higher level information, you could use this link to access Brain Pop.  
                                                         The user name and password are the same.

             User Name: wfsd  
             Password: wfsd

                                                            Starfall is a wonderful website for early readers.  The 4 levels of reading                                                              support move children from letter recognition to independent reading.  
                                                             We also enjoy the seasonal stories and activities the website provides.

       We enjoy reading National Geographic Young Explorer in school.  This                                                           site allows us to enjoy the magazine online!

                  PBS Kids allows us to work on academic skills while playing with our 
                                                          favorite PBS Kids characters.  Curious George, Mama Mirabelle, and 
                                                          Clifford are just a few of the characters we like to visit.

       Playhouse Disney is a fun site to visit.  We enjoy the games and
                                                         activities found on this site.

            Nick Jr. is another fun website.  We like to learn while we play on this 

     BBC Science clips provides interactive science activities for children.

          Pebble Go Read to Me Non-Fiction Texts

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