Bienvenidos a las Clases de Espanol con Srta. Worhle

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Espanol 3

La profesora: Srta. Worhle

Colegio: William Floyd HS

Ano: 2014-2015



Contact info:

¡Hola y bienvenidos a la clase de español 3 con la Senorita Worhle!

                This year we will be preparing to take the checkpoint B examination in Spanish. Although this is no longer considered a Regents exam, the checkpoint B exam will used in place of the Regents and you will still earn a Regents credit upon passing this course and exam. Therefore it is still considered a Regents course. We will be studying various topics in depth, exploring authentic reading material in the target language, mastering complex grammar skills, and discovering the cultural worlds that exist all around us. We will work diligently, but experience both exciting and challenging new material.

Reglas de la clase: (Classroom Rules)

1. Come to class on time each day. Class cuts and tardiness will result in teacher detention and parent contact.

2. Always be prepared. (Notebook, pen, etc.)

3. Remain seated throughout the period.

                                                              4. Please be respectful at all times.

                                                              5. Insubordination will NOT be tolerated!


Proyectos / Examenes / Pruebas
Mi Bolsa- Project 1- Due Sept 15

Tarea *hw*

1: Have contract signed ASAP

Jueves- Actividad C en la hoja de trabajo