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Accounting is not just for those who want to be accountants! 
     Have you ever thought about starting your own business?  If so, you need to know how to manage and record your finances! 
    Have you ever thought about investing in a corporation (stocks/bonds)? If so, you need to know how a business reports its financial information as well as how to analyze this information.                                                            
                Field Trip to Deloitte NYC       
Scary Statistics
DID YOU KNOW...According to a Charles Schwab survey
  • Teenagers believe they will earn “plenty of money”
  •  Boys expect to earn an average of $173,000
  • Girls expect to earn $114,000
  • Only 51% know how to write a check
  • Only 34% can balance a checkbook
  • Just 26% know how credit card fees work
  • Only 34% of parents had taught their teens how to balance a checkbook
  • Only 29% of parents had taught their teens how credit card fees and interest work.
  • 93% of American parents with teens worry their teens might make financial missteps such as overspending or living beyond their means.
  • While 71% of parents agree that the best way for teens to learn about money is from guided, hands-on experience or their own example, only 20% involves their teen to a great extent in the family’s budgeting and spending decisions
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