Health                                                                                                                        Mrs. Grammenos J 


Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:


Welcome to Health! Please review the course requirements below, and visit the William Floyd School District teacher website at https://sites.google.com/a/wfsd.k12.ny.us/msdgrammenos/ for current homework, projects, announcements, and more. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to call me at any time at 874-1465 or email me at dgrammenos@wfsd.k12.ny.us


1. Supplies:

Students are required to please bring a few sharpened pencils, a few blue or black ink pens and loose-leaf paper in a two-pocket plastic folder to class every day. If unprepared students are to please obtain supplies from the teacher only. If students borrow a pen or pencil from the teacher, it’s their responsibility to please return it.

2. Grading and Extra Help:

Student quarter grades are based on 60% Classwork and Participation, 10% Home Work, and 30% Assessments. Participation includes getting to class on time, being prepared, and following directions the first time given and all classroom and school policies. The final grade is based on 20% of each quarter grade and 20% of the final exam. Students may come for extra help during their lunch period.

3. Absences:

If students are absent, they are expected to please obtain homework to be graded from the box in the classroom labeled “Home Work to Do if Absent” at the start or end of the period. Students are to please place make up homework in the box in front of the room labeled “Home Work” at the start or end of the next class unless a later due date is stated on the assignment.

4. Late Assignments:

As per the student handbook, “Unless a student has extenuating circumstances, which the administration has approved, all students will have one week to hand in late assignments. Late assignments will not be accepted after one week and the student will receive a grade of 0%.

5. Lateness:

As per school policy, students are expected to be at their assigned location at the start of the period. If students arrive with a pass they are to turn it in upon arrival to class and will not be marked late. If students arrive without a pass, they will be marked late. If a student is marked late three times a parent or guardian will be notified. A fifth lateness will be reported to the Assistant Principal.

6. Classroom Policy:

- Students are expected to please enter the classroom quietly and quietly and independently work on the "Do Now" assignment. If work is completed early, students are to please read “Enrichment” materials in the boxes in the classroom. And please only one student at a time to a box.

- Unless it’s an emergency, students are to please ask for passes to leave the room during group or independent work only and please raise their hands and wait to be called up or on before speaking out during class.

- We Recycle. Students are expected to please keep paper garbage uncrumpled and please place it in the “Recycle” box at the end of the period.

7. School Policy:

Students are to please bring only required materials to class and to please keep hats and hoods off.


Mrs. Grammenos Health Requirements Home Work due the next day of class is to fully complete below, cut or tear off on the dotted line, and return the signed portion only. Keep the top portion in your folder.

Thank you!

1. First Name________________________________2. Last Name__________________________________


3. Period_____4. A or B Day_____ 5. Parent/Guardian Signature___________________________________