ENL – English as a Native Language

Mrs. Wolff


ESL is a class where every modality of the English language is practiced; speaking, listening, reading and writing.  I teach ESL following the SIOP model.  The SIOP model is an approach in which you work on content and language objectives within the same lesson. The Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP) is a research-based model of sheltered English instruction.  Every lesson contains both language and content objectives for the class.   It also includes the introduction of content vocabulary and clear language instruction.

Students are going to be responsible for various assignments.  There will be 4 book reports throughout the year.  Students will be writing in their class journals every day, which will be checked weekly. Students will have vocabulary tests and lesson tests throughout the year.  

Students’ grades are composed of the following:

60% - assessments

20% - participation

20% - homework

Lessons and homework assignments are located on the internet on my teacher website that can be accessed through the William Floyd website.  If you need to ask about an assignment or have a question about anything, you can contact me by email: awolff@wfsd.k12.ny.us or by phone: 874-5505.