9th Grade English – Ms. Weiser

Welcome to 9th grade English!
The following information describes the classroom climate and expectations for students in our classroom.


Classroom Expectations

1. Be on TIME           


3. Respect EVERY voice


5. CHALLENGE yourself and others



  • 2 folders OR 1 binder and 1 folder (1 kept in class / 1 to transport papers to and from home)
  • 1 notebook (will be kept in class)
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters
  • An independent reading novel of your choice (1st Quarter ONLY)

 Grading Policy:        YOU CONTROL YOUR GRADE!

  • Assessments 60%
  • Vocabulary 15%
  • Participation/Attendance/Promptness 15%
  • Homework 10%


We will have homework assigned each week for Accountable Independent Reading (AIR) and grammar practice.   It is your responsibility to copy the assignment into your planner, complete it to the best of your ability, and bring it with you on the due date.  In some cases, homework may be an extension of unfinished class work. Late assignments will require a Late Assignment Report explaining the reason the assignment is incomplete and your plan to complete it.  Taking a zero is not an option.

Respecting Yourself and Your Classmates

We will work as a team to create a classroom environment where you and your classmates feel respected, welcome, safe and comfortable.  There will not always be one right answer and every student is entitled to his/her own opinion.  Your voice matters! I encourage you to take risks in your learning and always remember that we are in this together.  You are expected to treat your classmates the same way I treat you.

 What You Need To Know About My Class

  • I earnestly stress the importance of being prepared, which includes, but is not limited to: HW, pen and/or sharpened pencils, class notebooks, reading material (independent novel, class novel, handouts, etc.), and planner.
  • Every class will begin with a “Do Now.” When you enter the classroom, you are expected to get seated, copy the “Objective,” “Do Now,” and “Homework,” and then begin the “Do Now.” 
  • If you are absent, you are responsible for making up the work you missed. All handouts will be in the back of the classroom.
  • I am available for extra help every day in room 400.
  • Tests and quizzes can be made up during extra help.
  • You should wear respectful/appropriate classroom attire (no hats, drooping pants, short skirts/shirts, thin straps, accessories such as earbuds, cell phones, iPods, etc). This shows respect not only towards others, but respect for yourself.
  • This is a skills based course that requires a great deal of writing. (BREATHE, I AM HERE TO HELP!) 
  • Every assignment serves a purpose for the course AND your future.


 Essential Partners© Teacher/Student/Parental Involvement

·         As delineated in the WFSD Code of Conduct, the teacher, student, and parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are expected make every effort to be involved in a student’s educational success.

·         Please visit http://www.wfsd.k12.ny.us/pdf/72012/William_Floyd_Code_of_Conduct_Draft.pdf for clarification of the above expectations.

·         Reminders and class updates will also be sent through Remind© for those that choose to join.

*Please see attached

I look forward to a successful and productive year with you in English 9 !


Ms. Weiser