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Hello students, parents and guardians!!!  Welcome to my website!  Creating this website is a work in progress so please be patient.  I will do my best to keep up to date with posting homework assignments, note materials, important dates, and any other pertinent information.  If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns, please feel free to email me at aswiss@wfsd.k12.ny.us

Blue Mountains of Australia

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Join both google classroom and the appropriate edpuzzle class.

Earth Science:
Period 1/2: Google Classroom Code:  iv9s53h
                    Edpuzzle code: pogkalv
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Period 6/7: Google Classroom Code:  gh8iod
                  Edpuzzle code: fuwikep
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Period 7/8: Google Classroom Code:   y7zd4r
                       Edpuzzle code: filfoto        
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Living Environment:
 Period 3/4: Google Classroom Code: i83jol

Ms. Swiss Extra Help Schedule

Room 407 1:37-2:10

Please adhere to the schedule below.  If you need a specific accommodation, please speak to me privately.

Monday: Living Environment Lab Makeup

Tuesday: Test/Quiz makeup or Quiz Retake (Earth Science and Living Environment)

Wednesday: Earth Science and Living Environment content help (when you need help on material)

Thursday: Earth Science Lab Makeup day

Friday: Earth Science and Living Environment make up missing work day (classwork, unfinished labs, etc.)