Dear Parents,

Another school year is upon us, and with it the challenges of fifth grade. It is my hope that your child will have a wonderful learning experience and leave Moriches Elementary School with a feeling of confidence, pride, and success.

I will attempt to update this website often to keep you informed about upcoming assessments, classroom activities, field trips and school events. Please make reference to the district calendar due to the fact that there may be times when I cannot update this website in a timely fashion.

Keep in mind that your children will begin to "spread their wings" as they head into the middle years. The ages from 10-14 are marked by incredible physical, mental, and emotional changes. The only other time in your child's life where growth and cognitive development have been as rapid was during their first three years of life. Your support and guidance are very important to your child's development while they learn to deal with making smart choices, peer pressure, and physical and emotional changes.

Together we can make this school year a successful one.

Mr. Zielinski