Welcome to Mr. Coleman's Math Class

If you need to contact me for anything related to our class:
Email: jcoleman@wfsd.k12.ny.us (any time of the day)
Paca Main Office: 631-874-1414 Room 125 (during school hours)


Homework is handed out as a worksheet on a daily basis Monday - Friday.
Homework is due the following day for full credit. If it was not shown on that day it will be allowed one day late for 1/2 credit. Homework is 10% of your final average. All work must be shown to earn full credit on homework.
When students enter the class they should:
    Take their assigned calculator from the pouch.
    Grab their guided worksheets for the lesson from their class bin.
    Get their binder from the shelf.
    Sit down and take out their homework from the night before.
    Start the Do Now and wait for the lesson to start.