Welcome to Technology!

Welcome to Technology Class! For this course you will learn what technology is.  You will also work with numerous tools, drafting tools and other hands-on concepts.  For those of you new to a technology class or cannot remember what you did last year, this class will provide you with a foundation of information which is important to YOUR life.    


Technology is advancing so rapidly, it is virtually impossible to predict exactly what kind of technological skills will be needed in the future.  As soon as we have learned about a form of technology, something new could already take its place.  Can you think of a technology which has already been replaced with something different?  (For example a typewriter à computer)  
Studies show that 90% of students who enter kindergarten this year will work in careers which DO NOT exist today! Therefore, people must develop skills that are useful despite the changes that will happen.  Such skills require people to be able to breakdown a problem and figure out the basics in order to solve that particular problem. 

Technology Education Class Requirements:


  1. Customized Manila Folder
  2. One (1) pencil everyday for class – it counts as daily HOMEWORK!
  3. Homework Articles (one a week) – to be discussed at a later time in detail.


Grading Policies:


Projects                                  55 %

Notebook                              10 %

Test & Quizzes                      20 %

______Participation                         15 % _____

                                                            100 %