West Fallowfield Christian School

      Our full day Kindergarten program allows families to choose from two options: a 5 day program or a 4 day program (M - Th).  All students experience the core curriculum of Reading, Language Arts, Hand Writing, Writer's Workshop, Math, Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer Lab, Bible and Chapel. On Fridays, our 5 day students benefit from a variety of additional hands-on academic and social opportunities.  Fun Fridays include Science and Social studies curriculum, Independent Reading/Writing & Math Centers, Math to Music, Reading enrichment, Computer Lab, Kindergarten Cafe, Hot Lunch and Arts & Craft time. The goal of WFCS Kindergarten is to develop the whole child; socially, emotionally, physically, academically and spiritually.
WFCS Kindergarten Curriculum 2015-16

Language Arts   Scott Foresman – Reading Street.

·        Introduction to 26 enchanting Letter Puppet friends

·        Alphabetic Knowledge - Capital and lower case letters

·        Phonological/Phonemic Awareness: rhyming, word and sentence awareness, syllable segmenting

          and blending, initial and final sounds

·        Book handling and print awareness

·        Phonics

·        Alphabetic Principle

·        100 High Frequency Words/Sight Words

·        Comprehension – predicting, drawing conclusions, retelling, rereading

·        Literature based learning

·        Oral Vocabulary

·        Predictable and decodable text.

 Writer’s Workshop    Kid Writing, Wright Group/ McGraw-Hill

·        A systematic approach to phonemic awareness, journals and writing

·        Student draws picture and “kid writes” a sentence, then the teacher “adult writes” the sentence

 Math      enVision Math Common Core – Pearson Education    Grade K


·        Geometry

·        Numbers 0 to 5 Comparing and ordering 

·        Numbers 6 to 10 Comparing and ordering

·        Numbers to 20

·        Numbers to 100

·        Addition and Subtraction

·        Composting and Decomposing numbers 11 to 19


 Bible   Journeys with God – A Time of Wonder, Mennonite Publishing

·        Weekly Bible Theme

·        Bible Verse memorization

·        Worship and Praise

·        Prayer

·        Chapel

Hand Writing  Zaner-Bloser – Open the Door to Communication     

·        Student Workbooks – capital & lower case letters, numbers - manuscript

·        Writing words and sentences

Science – Macmillan/McGraw-Hill - Science A Closer Look - K (5 day)

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Our Earth
  • Sky and Weather
  • Matter and Motion

Social Studies   - Scott Foresman Grade K (5 day)

  • Who We Are - Families, Homes, School
  • Communities - Neighborhoods, Community Helpers, Maps
  • Work - Jobs, Money, Needs and Wants
  • Our Earth - Weather, Seasons, Geography
  • The U.S.A. - Symbols, Explorers, Celebrations
  • Family History - Culture

 Cooking  (5 day) Kindergarten Café allows students to experience the science of cooking  (following directions, measuring, mixing, baking, tasting etc.)  Parent volunteers will be invited to help with Kindergarten Café.

 Computers /Listening Center  Students will have the opportunity to work independently on Kindergarten level educational computer programs and books on tape during Friday centers.  Students will use the computer lab on Tuesdays and Fridays and gain exposure to educational websites and Type to Learn Jr.  Students will use the classroom computer on a rotating basis to work on educational computer games.

 Arts & crafts   In addition to Art Class, students will also participate in theme based art projects within the Kindergarten Classroom during centers, which promote use of fine motor skills.  Parent volunteers maybe invited to help with our more complicated arts and crafts activities.

Reader's Workshop/Book Box    Students will participate in a 20 minute reading workshop.  Students maybe reading independently on leveled readers, working on computers, practicing sight words or CVC words, working with the teacher aide or conferencing with the teacher.

Kindergarten Specials

  • Chapel   - Wednesday                 
  • Physical Education - Monday and Wednesday
  • Music class   - Monday and Thursday        
  • Art Class  - Wednesday and Friday           
  • Library  - Tuesday