Google +

What is Google +?

Google Plus is a social network from Google.  As a user, you have a profile, connect with others through circles, and can join communities of interest. It is a great way to build your personal learning network (PLN) by connecting with other educators and classrooms.

  • Create your profile
  • Learn to navigate
  • Suggestions for communities to join
  • How to search and post
  • Create collections to keep interesting posts organized
A tip for managing notifications:
  • You can receive notifications of new posts as emails. If you include a "social" tab as part of your inbox, all Google + messages will go into that tab, so they won't be mixed with your regular, important message.
  • This help page from Google explains more about tabs.
Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts allows you to send hangouts messages, made video and phone calls, and send text messages. This page will focus on using the video call option.

What do I need?

To make a video call, you need a camera and microphone connected or built in to your computer. Most laptops will have this equipment built in, but for better quality you may want to use a headset with a microphone.

  • Go to and click on video call.
  • Enter a name for a new call, or choose from an existing event.
  • Invite people by email.

  • Sharing your screen allows you to demonstrate something to other participants 
Hangouts on Air

Hangouts on Air allows you to host and broadcast live discussions through your YouTube channel.  Up to 10 people can participate in the call, but the hangout can have an unlimited number of viewers.  The hangout is also recorded and posted to your YouTube channel.

Even if you don't want to make your hangout public, you might want to record it for future reference or to share with certain people.  You can do this by starting an unlisted Hangout on Air.  This means it won't be promoted on Google+, it won't be available in search, and the video will be posted on YouTube as unlisted, so only those with the link can access it.