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Prysmian Technergy crane cables are used in almost any major port in the world. Customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas have been relying on this high quality product for many years. Compliance with most of the worldwide standards is ensured, such as the well-known DIN VDE standard, but also to IEC, MSHA and all major national standards and, for certain types, also to AS (Australia) and UL (USA) standards.

Technergy Crane cables have been designed to assure considerable reliability and maximum performance even under extremely severe conditions.

This results in shorter downtime of the crane and lower maintenance costs, as well as guaranteeing the best value for money across the marketplace.

We can supply the following brands:
  • Gessmann, DE
  • Draka, DE
  • ODU, DE
  • Sabo, DE
  • ABB, DE

  • Twiflex, UK
  • IGA, Spain