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This site provides parents, students and teachers a central place to do everything related to music lessons in the Prodigy Program. In addition to registering and paying tuition, parents and students have access to useful information about many musical topics by clicking any link on the navigation bar at the left.

You are encouraged to bookmark this address on your web browser for easy future reference.

The Prodigy Program will accepting registrations for the
2018-2019 school year starting May 23, 2018 through September 15, 2018

For families with students currently in the Prodigy Program:

All students who took lessons through the Prodigy Program last year will be pre-registered into the same lesson format with the same teacher next year with the following exceptions:

  • Students currently in their 2nd year of semiprivate lessons will be pre-registered into PRIVATE lessons
  • Current seniors will be unregistered.

There is no need for you to register your child again. In fact, doing so will create a duplicate registration. Should you wish to change your child’s registration or teacher or wish to withdraw your child from the program, please contact Joel Yennior with your request,  by email.

For families with students who took beginning classes the previous year:

  • Students who took beginning class lessons on a BAND or STRING instrument during the school day,  must be registered online or with a paper registration form brought from school by your child. Please follow the directions "For New Students and Families" below.
  • Families with a beginning student and another child already enrolled in the Prodigy Program may simply add the new child onto their existing online account.Click on "I want to: . . . Add another student."
  • For more information about registration, click on "How do I . . .?  under "Register and Pay" on the navigation bar at the left.
  • For assistance with registration, feel free to contact
    Joel Yennior

For New students and Families:

  • Click the green "Create a New Account" button on the upper right of this screen.
  • For more information about registration, click on "How do I . . .? under "Register and Pay" on the navigation bar at the left.
The Prodigy Program offers Tuition Assistance to any family with documented need. It also offers a Monthly Payment Plan to help families budget their monthly expenses.  Application forms for these two services may be downloaded by clicking HERE

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