Steve Ouellette and Mark Goguen

Description: This session will focus primarily on how to use the powerful tools and collaboration features of Google Maps to visually represent events, ideas, and landmarks. If time permits, we will also showcase some incredible resources such as the Google Arts & Culture and Air Pano Project that will virtually transport students just about anywhere on earth. Come learn some ways to bring global awareness and cultural understanding into the classroom!

Part 1: Create a collaborative map

  1. Favorite Vacation Spot
  2. Collaborative Map 
  3. Task - Add one or more photos, edit the description 

Part 2: Create your own map

  1. Scavenger Hunt
    1. Sample Data (if needed)
  2. Wonders of the World (an example for inspiration)
    1. Other map ideas (from a Westwood brainstorming session)

Part 3 (if time permits): Virtual field trip resources on the web. 

  1. Google Arts and Culture 
  2. Air Pano
  3. Tourbuilder

Other Resources