Bonus Challenges

April 30: What is this photo of? OPEN
The first student who can email with a correct and full explanation of what this photo I took is of will earn a homework pass. Good luck & have fun!

March 21: Physicists In Disguise CLOSED - WOW THAT WAS FAST!
Each of the disguised physicists below is worth one homework pass--if you're the first to correctly identify him/her (by emailing Mr. S.) you'll win it. If you can identify more than one you can win multiple passes, but you'll have to give the extras to friends. Good luck & have fun!

March 6th: The Unusual Distinction CLOSED
The first student to email with the corect answer will win TWO homework passes; one for him/herself and one for a friend.

November 15th: Identify These Famous Physicists CLOSED 
Challenge has been removed.