Westwood High School BioBuilders

Welcome to the Westwood High School BioBuilders Site!

    Hello, and welcome to the official site of the Westwood BioBuilders club! We are a second-year team located in Eastern Massachusetts returning with big aspirations. This year, we're hopefully planning to implement an idea into a project. Check out our 2016-2017 project ideas page to learn more!      

Founded last year, the Biobuilder Association is dedicated to enhancing and expanding the range of synthetic/systems biology in high schools. Its goal is to "energize" science and engineering education, and aims to build problem solving, scientific experience, connect teachers, and encourage the younger generation to become scientists.

For more information on the association, visit www.biobuilder.org

The projects involved in BioBuilders are mostly the work of a science deemed "synthetic biology." In broad terms, this is the act of using engineering to alter and create biological systems to solve 
problems. In the scientific community,
this is an emerging and advancing field of study; it is at an early stage, and BioBuilders will push this further along. As a team, we will learn from our successes and failures to create, or outline, something that could have a true purpose.

Please take a look around our website and tell us what you think!
Look at our large idea splash in the Project Idea section.

Find admin material and team links in the
Team Resources section.

We would like to thank the BioBuilder Foundation, its founder Natalie Kuldell, and its sponsors for allowing us to gain systems biology experience that we have so much fun doing and that we're sure we'll be using in our near future!