Grade 4 Instrumental Music Overview

Welcome to the Westwood 4th Grade Instrumental Music Website!

Westwood is unique from many other area school districts because of our capacity to offer a full-year instrumental music experience to each fourth grade student, in addition to your child’s traditional weekly general music classes. This provides a fantastic opportunity for every 4th grader to experience the joy of learning to play an instrument, to participate in a performing ensemble, and to benefit from the many important learning skills that are associated with the study of a musical instrument.

Westwood has a long-standing tradition of musical excellence, from its renowned Prodigy Program, to its award winning ensembles at the MS and HS levels, and the diverse array of musical performing groups available to our students. Each fall, we are extremely anxious to begin working with the incoming class of 4th graders, as we are consistently amazed at the level of talent and aptitude of the young musicians placed under our tutelage. As your child begins playing an instrument in school this year, it is our hope that this initial instrumental experience will spark a lifetime of musical curiosity and enjoyment of musical performance.


Joel Yennior and Lori Labedz

Instrumental Music Teachers, Westwood Public Schools

Mr. Yennior, Brass Specialist

Mrs. Labedz, Woodwind Specialist