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I.     Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance
    A.     West Warwick School Committee

                1.  Spending and Minimum Fund Balance
            2.  Internal Controls over Federal, State and Local Accounting
            3.  Allowability of Costs and Cost Principles
            4.  Payments
            5.   403B Providers
            2.   Purchasing and Bidding
                3.   Equipment Purchasing
            4.   New Vendor Acceptance
    V.    Energy Policy
      X.   In-School Observation
    Y.    Safety, Security and Surveillance Camera
    Z.    Record Retention

    I.     Professional Growth
    T.    Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure 
      Y.    Volunteer Policy
    AA.     Service Animals in School
              1.    Curriculum Guides
              2.    Instructional Mandates
              3.    Vocational Education
              4.    Industrial Arts
               1.    Loan of Textbooks
               2.    Library Passes and Privileges
               3.    Guidance
               4.    Field Trips
               6.    Student Travel Policy
               8.    Bring Your Own Device Policy
                    9.   Student Google Accounts
                   10.  Student Overnight Use of Technology Resources
              11.  Responsible Use of Technology
              12.  Internet Filtering
                1.    Placement, Promotion and Retention
                2.    Homework
                3.    Class Examinations
                4.    Grade Reporting
                5.    High School Diplomas
                6.    HIgh School Credits
                7.    Graduation Exercises
                9.    West Warwick High School Diploma Waiver Policy
              10.    Certificate of Academic Achievement
              11.    Student Assessment
              12.    Early College Access
       F.     Evaluation of the Instructional Program
          H.    Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the Federally Funded 
               Programs in Private Schools and Working with Private Schools

               1.    User Friendly Schools
               2.    Assignment of Students to Schools
               3.    Resident Students
               4.    Non-Resident Students
               5.    Tuition Students
               6.    Non-Tuition Students
               8.    Attendance
                       a.    High School 
                       b.    Middle School 
                       c.    Elementary 
               9.    Early Dismissal of Students
              10.    Student Responsibilities
              11.    Lockers and Locks
              12.    Lunch Program
              13.    Insurance
              14.    Transportation
              15.    Health
              21.    Parent and Family Engagement
              22.    Homeschooling (New)
              23.    Naloxone
                   24.    Policy Regarding Reporting Known or Suspected Child Abuse And/Or Neglect (Mandatory Reporting)
              25.    Transgender, Gender Nonconforming and Transitioning Students
               1.    Curricular Extensions
               3.    Student Awards and Incentives
               4.    Activities and Clubs
               6.    Student Publications
               7.    Freedom of Speech
               8.    Access Room Rules
               9.    Athletics
             10.    Class Gifts to School

               1.    Code of Conduct
               2.    Unassigned Number
               3.    Unassigned Number
               5.    Student Hazing Policy
               6.    Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol
               7.    Unassigned Number
               8.    Unassigned Number 
               9.    Students with Disabilities
              10.   Unassigned Number
              11.   Unassigned Number
              12.    Social Suspension Policy
              13.    Anti-Bullying Policy
              14.    Dating Violence Policy