C. Instructional Arrangements

 IV. C. Instructional Arrangements

Class Size

The recommended class size shall be determined by the nature of subjects taught, grade level and the classrooms and teachers available. Though a considerable range shall be allowed to accommodate these factors, as a matter of policy, twenty-five shall be deemed the most desirable size for most classes.

However, in the interim of reaching the optimum pupil to teacher ratio, both parties agree that, in accordance with contractual arrangement, no teacher, absent extraordinary circumstances, shall be required to teach more than the number of pupils per class according to the schedule outlined in the contract with the West Warwick Teachers' Alliance.


Article 21 - Class Preparations and Class Size -- Contract between West Warwick School Committee and West Warwick Teachers' Alliance Local #1017 AFT, AFL-CIO, Effective September 1, 1996 through August 31, 1999

Policy adopted: 4/23/81


School principals shall be responsible for grouping as deemed necessary so that they may more nearly have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Principals shall consider the strengths and weaknesses of their teachers in making teaching assignments where grouping gives varying characteristics to classes.


RI Gen. Laws § 16-2-16 Rules and regulations - Curriculum

Policy adopted: 4/23/81