A. School Calendar

 IV. A. School Calendar

The school calendar will provide for more than the minimum days required by law. The additional days scheduled will provide in-service staff sessions and for emergency school closing due to storms or other extreme events, and shall concur with the provisions of the contract with the West Warwick Teachers Alliance.

Personnel are expressly requested to take into consideration the vagaries of weather and other building closing emergencies which could add additional days to the school calendar beyond those already set and not schedule any activities requiring absence from duty immediately following the scheduled date of schools' closing.

The superintendent shall submit a proposed calendar to the school committee prior to the regular March meeting of any school year. In the regular March meeting, the school committee shall adopt the school calendar for the ensuing school year.

School events involving parents such as open house, parent teacher conferences, awards nights and similar events shall be noted on the school calendar and a copy of the school calendar shall be provided to every parent at the commencement of the school year.

The time or date of such a scheduled school event shall not be changed unless a principal shall first request permission for such a change from the Superintendent of Schools.  No change of date shall be approved unless parents are provided with at least ten (10) days' notice of the proposed change.


Policy adopted: 4/23/81

Policy revised:  3/9/99

School Day

The school day shall be arranged and scheduled by the superintendent so as to offer the greatest return educationally for the time spent, within the limitations of school facilities and requirements of state law and regulations, and shall concur with the provisions of the contract with the West Warwick Teachers Alliance.

Policy adopted: 4/23/81