B. Instructional Organization

 I. B. Instructional Organization

In relating itself to the instructional program of the elementary and secondary schools, the West Warwick School Committee feels that it can make its most significant contributions to the improvement of the quality of the educational system.

It is in this area where the transfer of knowledge takes place that justifies the existence and clarifies the goals toward, which the committee continually strives.

In all its actions in relation to instruction, the committee wishes to emphasize quality as the guiding principle to be observed.

The West Warwick Schools shall be organized on the K-4-4-4 plan as follows. Modification of this organizational plan may be made with the recommendation of the Superintendent of schools and approval of the West Warwick School Committee.

Elementary schools - Kindergarten to grade 4

Middle school - grades 5-8

High school - grades 9-12


Policy adopted: 4/23/81
revised 7/10/12