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Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of the Internet and all information and communication technology devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, and webcams." CTAP Region IV, a California-State funded project

The go-to website for CyberSafety and for great information on all media is the Common Sense Media Site

Another great place to start is Sonoma County Office of Education's page on SCOE Digital Citizenship

As access to the Internet becomes ever more prevalent in students’ and families’ lives, it is important that we guide our children toward safety, good citizenship, and well-being in the digital world as we do in the ‘real’ world. There are a great many excellent resources on the Internet to help us with this task. 

There are many places to explore in the areas of Identity Safety, Cyber-bullying, Cyber Predators, Piracy and Plagiarism, Social Networks and more. I encourage all parents, teachers and students to browse, enquire, explore, play and learn from the materials offered in this site and beyond.

Thank you, 

Joan Clark, Technology Coordinator and Educator

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