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Dear Parents… Welcome Back!

Hi there, my name is Karan Upton and I am the Parent Center Coordinator for the Westside School District. The Parent Center is located in the Middle School on Warrior Hall. My hours are from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm. Later times can be arranged if needed.

Car Tags:

I make the car tags in the Parent Center. If you don’t have one for your children; the form is located in your Elementary Handbook or if you need an extra later on, please send a note to your teacher to get one. Please list ALL of the children that you are picking up and their teachers on ONE form. That way you will get all your children’s names on just one card. We are not allowing anyone to pick up a car rider without a sign. You will be asked to park and walk in to check them out without a sign.

I am looking for volunteers to work with the Parent Center, and help with copying for the teachers. I also am looking for volunteers who would want to sign up on a semi regular schedule. Please be sure to fill out the volunteer form in the Information Packet or email me at I know a lot of you have filled out the volunteer forms before; I file the old ones away. So please fill out the new ones each year.

The Watch D.O.G.S. program is going really well at the Elementary School. I will send out all the information and sign-up sheets later, after school gets started. When it’s your day to be a Watch DOG, Please try to arrive by 7:30am, to greet the students and help the duty teachers unload the car riders on the front porch. After morning car duty I will meet you in the Parent Center to give you your schedule for the day.

The Parent Center collects Campbell’s soup labels, Tyson 1-2-3 Labels, ink cartridges and cell phones, these items give a little spending money for goodies for the Parent Center. Please put the items in baggies and drop the items off at the Parent Center or just put my name on them and ask the teacher to put it in my mailbox. The large Name Brand toner cartridges can be recycled at Cartridge Express located at 3524 E. Nettleton (Airport Center) in Jonesboro. The phone number for them is 870-932-3465.

The Parent Center offers a variety of material for students K-6. Parents and students can check-out and take home games, books, videotapes, and other educational materials. Don’t forget to check out our webpage at regularly for updates and school information. Also, please "like" the Parent Center on facebook.

I really appreciate your time… Let me know if you need anything… I will see what I can do to help. Have a great school year!

Thanks for all your support!
Karan Upton
Parent Center Coordinator


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