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Tickets: $10 with reservation, $15 at the door

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All performances at West Seattle High School - 3000 California Ave SW


In 1930s Berlin, a group of left-leaning friends struggle to understand the world around them as Hitler rises to power. However, while they claim to have lofty ideals, they do not partake in active resistance against Hitler. The main character, Agnes, is mainly concerned about keeping her rent-controlled apartment. Meanwhile, these events are contrasted with a parallel presentation of events in America in the present day by a modern day activist, Zillah, who insists on taking action to fight repression and authoritarianism.

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Zillah Katz: Maddy Wyse

Agnes Eggling: Linda Cardona-Rigor

Paulinka Erdnuss: Tris Heiden-Lundberg

Vealtnic Husz: Maximilian Czerwinski

Annabella Gotchling: Kim Le

Gregor Bazwald: Maxwell Lemke

Gottfried Swetts: Ryan Dean

Emil Traum: Jahlil Kirby

Die Alte: Katie Savage

Rosa Malek: Zoe Harper 

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