Day 6

posted May 29, 2011, 6:06 PM by Unknown user
Closing Ceremonies
In the morning, we did homework and started packing our belongings for the road trip. We left for our instant challenge. We waited for about 45 minutes in a tent with a bunch of other people. The instant challenge part of the competition is when you don't get any planning time for the challenge because you don't even know what it is until you get there. For our instant challenge we had to take 12 golf balls and we put four in each tube and we had to ask if we had any in the right order. We had to keep arranging them when they told us how many of the four were in the right spot. It was hard and kind of confusing because we didn't get much planning time, but in the end we completed two and a half of the tubes and we had to put them back without any hints about which ones were in the right order and we ended up filling up two of the three tubes in the correct order. Afterward we went to the Exposition Hall to do some final pin trading. I obtained four of the six rare “angry bird” pins before we went on our last dip in the pool.
Later we went to closing ceremonies and our seating arrangement was in the middle of the Ohio team, so we got up and sat with the other Vermont teams closer to the stage. The stadium was humungous and there weren't enough seats, so people sat in the middle in folding chairs. There were awards at the closing ceremony and the Texas and Korea won many of the awards. When the awards were announced teams screamed and ran up to the stage. We also watch short videos of the teams. It ended with a laser light show and there was commotion leaving. We went to the preteen party until 11:30. There were people left and right of you and there were blow-up bouncy houses and the gladiator games and the lines were long. There was hamster ball racing, blow-up obstacle courses, free pizza, chips, cotton candy, glow sticks, and drinks. We went and danced on the big stage then another Vermont team member who is in seventh grade had a dance-off with a third grader and the third grader won. Our team started a volley ball game using a flip flop. After awhile they attracted more people who were on other teams and played with a blow-up Champ (Lake Champlain's monster) until someone else came with a beach ball. We didn't get back until after 12:30 and we all crashed. This was probably the greatest trip I'm ever going to take.