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Cidade Maravilhosa

Cidade Maravilhosa is a song about the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It was written in 1935 by Brazilian composer André Filho for the Carnaval celebration. Because it is from Brazil, the words to Cidade Maravilhosa are in Portuguese. The track begins and ends with percussion instruments playing samba, a type of music played by marching bands during the Carnaval celebration in Rio.

Here are the words:

Cidade maravilhosa
Cheia de encantos mil
Cidade maravilhosa
Coração do meu Brazil

Pronunciation and Translation

This is a pronunciation guide. The words to Cidade Maravilhosa are pronounced with a Brazilian accent, which can sound different from the pronunciation of Portuguese in other places in the world.

Here is the english translation of the words.

Cidade maravilhosaWonderful city

Cheia de encantos milFilled with a thousand charms

Cidade maravilhosaWonderful city

Coração do meu BrazilThe heart of my Brazil

This is a video of the Brazilian singer and songwriter Caetano Veloso performing a version of Cidade Maravilhosa on the guitar, This version has more words then the version we are singing in class.

Caetano Veloso - Cidade Maravilhosa


In this video, Brazilian percussionist Marcus Santos explains the different percussion instruments that play in a samba band and the rhythms they each play.

Samba Enredo 101

Escola de Samba Beija-Flor de Nilopolis

Here is a videos of the Escola de Samba (school of samba ) Beija-Flor de Nilopolis performing at the 2015 Carnaval celebration in Rio.

Escola de Samba Beija-Flor