Welcome to the Music Department of the Westport Public Schools

Westport Pops Concert

Friday, June 9, 2017
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For the 4th straight year, 
we have been selected for the

Music Education Philosophy of the Westport Public Schools


To ensure that each child in Westport will create music, perform music, and respond to music with understanding, develop in-depth skills in music, appreciate the importance of music in expressing human experiences, and apply their musical knowledge and skills to make educated musical judgments throughout their lifetimes.

We know that a quality, sequential music education helps students learn to communicate beyond the obvious, appreciate beauty and expression beyond the limits of pop culture, develop powers of concentration and focus, become better citizens, and helps students to know themselves better through enriched lives and experiences.  

A quality music education is among those things that are best for our children.

Music is a Primary Contributor to 21st Century Skills

Aesthetics - skills and knowledge leading to appreciation and sensitivity, enhanced self-knowing, self-discovery

Learning How to Learn - much of music study is self-assessment, analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving in individual and group/collaborative settings

Interpersonal Relationships - face-to-face interaction and interpersonal dependancy, connection with and contributions to community and the greater good 

Listening with Focus - an important and under-taught, under-utilized sense in living, relationships, and in the acquisition of knowledge

Non-Verbal Communication - effective communication and expression goes beyond the limits of verbal and linguistic modes

Abstract Nature of Music - the study of music uniquely channels the mind from the abstract to the concrete, and back to the abstract, feeding the imagination and promoting the construct of individual meaning, thought, and creativity

Westport – A “Best Community for Music Education in America”

Welcome to the Music Program of the Westport Public Schools, where the traditions of musical and educational excellence are celebrated each day!

The Music program in the Westport schools was founded by Mr. John Ohanian, who served as Music Supervisor from 1940 – 1972.  He began many of the fine traditions enjoyed today, including the ever-popular Candlelight Concerts each December. He knew that great music programs do not happen by accident – they require hard work, dedicated teachers, and a supportive community – 

Westport’s exceptional Music Education Program is living evidence of that support!