About Coleytown Company


Mission Statement

Coleytown Company strives to promote excellence in theatre and theatre arts education, while developing the creative potential of students at our school. Coleytown Company respects and nurtures their growth and encourages the development of social relationships with all age groups through the theatre arts experience.

Our program goals are based on a philosophy of strong student involvement in every aspect of the theatre. Coleytown Company’s theatre productions are designed and directed by highly qualified theatre arts professionals, many of whom also have extensive educational experience. Our students fill all other roles, such as stagehands, sound and light board operators, assistant designers, stage management and directing interns, and front of house staff.

In addition, an auxiliary team of family and friends actively assists the students by selling refreshments, supervising backstage, building and painting sets, sewing elaborate costumes, and numerous other tasks. This collaborative effort among students, staff, families and friends represents the essence of our program and the values of teamwork and cooperation that we strive to promote.

Our students transform the Coleytown theatre each year into a place of wonder and joy. Whether we take you to Czarist Russia, Never-Never-Land, or The Atlantic Ocean for a sea voyage, audiences are sure to be amazed by the professionalism of the performance. While the show strives for theatrical excellence, we again are concerned with fostering self-esteem in our young people and encouraging social relationships through the theatre arts.

As part of the Westport Public Schools, our mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to our global community.